Cosmetic Accessories

Harry and Son’s Inc also supplies brands with a large range of cosmetics accessories, from nail files to makeup brushes.

Nail Filesnail files
  • Available shapes: Straight, Square, Half-Moon, Diamond or Banana.
  • Available colors: White, Black, Zebra or Design.
  • Grit and PS of your choice.

Other nail accessories

Sanding blocks, Nail buffers, Toe Separators, Nail Clippers, etc…

sanding blocks

Lash accessories

Eyelash clippers, eyelash curlers, etc…


Gel Nail Sticker

Gel Nail sticker made by special technology that give the sticker Gel look nail. They are Waterproof and long lasting. You can wear it up to 2 week.



For discovering all our accessories, please download our catalogue.

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